• By Wasiu Owolabi

The news that the Music House which embodies the prestigious Fresh FM was demolished by OYSG is no longer breaking. Many commentators have expressed their opinions on the case. Some commended the government for upholding the rule of law while others believe that the act is unreasonable.

Initially, I never thought of commenting, but the more I ponder about this case, the more I perceive immorality and time-politics; a wrong time politics accompanied by impolitic despotism and lack of humanity–at that.

Governor Ajimobi wouldn’t have feigned ignorance of the fact that the building had been there for long. The so called constituted-authority knew it was illegal for the building to be located there, yet it went ahead to approve the project. From whom did Ayefele bought the land? Who prepared the document? Was survey not done? Who gave out Certificate of Ownership?

The governor himself was invited to a program in that company and he praised the well-done work invented in that building. Why didn’t he point them out to the fact that the building was in a wrong place? If the government gives a premise that it does not know before that the building was in a wrong place, then something must be wrong with how the government governs the state–a government with no knowledge of state or urban planning or whose workers are incapable.

Furthermore, this authority ignored the court injunction to delay the demolition for some reasons. What kind of authority is that which does not obey it’s own law? That is excessive exercising and abuse of power, not authority. Authority is a liability and not personal asset.

As lawful as the demolition could have been, the method used was pathetic, embarrassing, cruel and immoral–even more illicit because it was done at the cost of neglecting court order.

More so, this demolition has inceased the rate of unemployment in Nigeria. So, any government policy that will negatively affect the welfare of the people should be carefully, reasonably and humanely handled. This can be done through compensation or recommendation of an alternative. However, we have never heard that the ‘constituted authority’ recommend another location or give any compensation whatsoever. This is really bad!

I need not be misconstrued on this matter. I never said the demolition was wrong since the building was said to be in a wrong location. However, I position is that the method of which the action was carried out is wrong and therefore made the action illicit and morally unjustifiable when we reflect on the primary causes, present circumstances and possible consequences.

I pause my cause~OWO


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